Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Cards

Do you need to squeeze every last bit of productivity out? Or, do you want to learn one of the secrets to the professionals?

Use these available keyboard shortcut quick reference cards to learn every available keyboard shortcut in the given program.

Each quick reference card is only 1 page. Click the buttons on the page (at the top or side, depending on the card) to cycle through different available shortcuts. You can print each individual page as needed.

More quick references for other programs will be added regularly. Using Adobe Reader 6 or higher will provide the best viewing experience.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Icon

Lightroom Keyboard Short Quick Reference Card for PC (.pdf, 717 KB)

Lightroom Keyboard Short Quick Reference Card for Mac (.pdf, 906 KB)

Please post any questions, suggestions or other feedback you have on these cards at this link.

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