Cool Stuff

This is the home of stuff you can use and download for FREE.

At this point, the only tool is the Photo Diagram creator (see below). This is also the future home of lots of other things you can use download (keyboard shortcut charts, InDesign libraries, artwork and more).

They'll be free. They'll be great. They'll be here soon. Trust me.

Keyboard Shorctut Quick Reference Cards

Need to increase your productivity? Check out these available keyboard shortcut quick reference cards. With them, you're hands may never have to actually leave the keyboard.

Click here for the keyboard shortcuts page.

Photo Diagrams

Photo Diagrams is a free, easy to use tool that creates professional looking photo and lighting diagrams.

Currently, Photo Diagrams is hosted at a blog I used to maintain, Professional Snapshots.

Click here for the full Photo Diagrams page.

List of Stuff

Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Cards

Photo Diagrams

How Can I Use the Stuff I Download?

You can use any of the items you download from this page in any way you'd like for personal or commercial purposes.

You may not package and directly re-distribute them, though. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me on the about page.