Brian Reyman



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Launched/written blogs with over 5,000 hits/month

General Skills

Team Leadership and Development
Training and Communication
Vendor Selection and Management
Change Management
Business Analysis
Technology Selection and Standardization
Program Management
Process Development
Graphic Design
Identity Branding

Technical Skills

Communication Template/Tool Creation and Use
Graphic Design Tools
Training Development Tools
LMS Administration
Web Design/Development/CSS & HTML
Video Production, Editing and Effects
Databases & SQL
Windows/Mac OSX
MS Office


I’m a dad and husband, so I love spending time with my family. I measure my success on the quality of my interactions with them. I love life and have a passion for them, but also for my work.

I lead teams to create innovative and effective training, communication and change management solutions. I can also roll-up my sleeves and do the work.

Think baseball – I’m a utility player. I’m as comfortable heading up a group to create systems solutions that save money as I am running the reports and analytics that show the savings. Some days I’m a creative director and others I’m coding or designing.

When I’m not spending time with family or working them, I spread time between photography/videography, programming apps, spending time outdoors and reading. I’m also a bit of a gadget guy – I really enjoy trying out new and interesting technology.

Training, Communications and Change Management Philosophy

It’s all about the user. At the end of the day Training, Communications and Change Management is about understanding the what the user needs, understanding the project and then building and sharing solutions that meet those needs.

What excites me about each and every day is the opportunity to help others better understand something and get through change – difficult or otherwise, through visuals, words and interaction with technology.

Where design, technology and business intersect: Today’s business world is rapidly evolving and requires flexibility and solid team work. I love to find ways to create, test and use technology, great design to solve business needs.