Brian Reyman


Over 140 Characters

Blogs are an interesting format in today’s world of quick, force-fed content from Facebook, Twitter and others. And, while I use those other mediums, the blog format appeals to me. There are times that I’ll have more to say than can be said in 140 characters or a two-minute YouTube video.

So here we are. I’ll post frequently on topics that interest me, which is to say a good variety. Most will be training, communication and technology related. All will vary in the specifics. I’m a bit addicted to learning and trying new things; video/audio, graphic design/art, technology, writing, inspiration, building and managing teams, podcasting and much more.

To get to know me better, check my About page.

I’m excited to see where this medium takes me. All I know at this point is that it will be well beyond 140 characters.

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