Physical Notebooks

I’ve rekindled my love of writing in a notebook. There isn’t enough space to list all the ups and downs over the last year but one thing that has been up for me - way up - is screen time. More time on phones when in quarantine and MANY more hours in online meetings. Zoom fatigue - and screen fatigue in general - is real.

Starting about two weeks ago I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with all the digital voices clamoring for my attention. I sat back in my home office chair, looked over to a dusty shelf and noticed something I hadn’t been using much since transitioning from the office to home - my trusty pen and notebook.

I rolled over, grabbed a partially used Field Notes notebook and jotted a short to-do list. I checked things off as the day went along, reconnecting with the simple joy of flicking my hand next to each finished task. The next day, I began journals for exercise and general daily thoughts.

I’ve been using all three notebooks nearly every day and they continue providing mental relaxation, setting me in a different mode as soon as I slide off the cap.

Welcome back paper and pen. It’s nice to see you in person again. I’ve really missed you.