Creative Compliance Trainings



Educate employees on compliance topics. Present material to maximize retention and interest. Boost interest in employees taking training and reduce the view of it as a boring, page-turning requirement.


Collaborated on and created a series of trainings as a team. Participated in rapid-development "Fed-Ex days", where the team worked together to deliver ideas/development overnight in hyper-productive 2-days working sessions. Added other highly collaborative follow-up sessions to complete the projects.

The trainings focused on a combination of video, designed elements and eLearning interactions to present and reinforce the necessary learning.

Trainings included:

  • News web site: Course designed to imitate a news web site/story. Allowed users to click on various articles and video stories relating to the topic. Each presented related information, presented as a story around the core topic.
  • TV Guide listings: Created a series of seemingly unrelated videos (comedy, hospital drama, fishing, cooking, etc.). Each channel's video presented a component of the compliance information in an interesting way related to the channel's theme.
  • Multi-faceted story: Followed several characters going through compliance-related scenarios based on actual events within the company. Created the videos/told the story to tie the characters together at the end. Followed up with a series of reinforcing questions and interactions testing the users' understanding of what was appropriate in the situation.

Project Images


eLearning Adobe Captivate Deployed through various learning management systems
Video Capture Panasonic EVA 1 Video lenses Sennheiser mics and Sound Devices recorder Variety of tripods and support systems Variety of lighting
Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition Video and audio plugins from Red Giant, Izotope, others
Graphics and Materials Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator