New Hire Orientation Self-guided Tour



Provide a campus as part of a multi-day new hire orientation program. Avoid large groups as they can be disruptive to the places on campus they visit and it can be challenging to logistically accomodate such a large group (not everyone can hear the tour guide, using elevators can be difficult, etc).


Created a self-guided tour, modeled after those in museums or other event centers.

  • Broke large group into smaller, 2-4 person groups to facilitate discussion and learning, while keeping the size manageable.
  • Provided a list of floors. Participants scan a QR code on each floor to pull up a web page and learn about the department and other interesting facts about the floor and campus.
  • Included video and audio elements to enhance the experience.
  • Incorporated discussion questions, bonus information and clues to encourage discussion and liven up the tour.

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